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Saturday, November 13, 2021

2021 Salary Negotiations

The time has come for players to meet with their destiny. The yearly contract renewal. We've already heard word that Dayan Viciedo and Raidel Martinez have signed big deals to stay on. New additions will be forthcoming shortly as well with new Cubans, Guillermo Garcia and Frank Abel Alvarez signed up for 2022. The team are still looking for a foreign power bat with Akinori Otsuka in the Dominican Republic looking at players now. 

Four players are still yet to declare whether they'll test the waters in free agency with Katsuki Matayoshi, Daisuke Sobue, Nobumasa Fukuda and Shinji Tajima all looking for new deals. Ryosuke Hirata also finds himself off-contract after two of the worst years of his career. It is customary to cut salary no more than 25% with a player, but with Hirata's 5-year, $1.8M AAV deal coming to a close and he no longer being a key contributor, the team may be looking to slash that salary considerably with some fears the player might be forced our like Hirokazu Ibata was back in 2014. The team had a massive downturn financially last year and have traditionally struggled to find money to throw at the team in the past few years. On a lesser note, catcher, Shota Ono will finally finish up his contract that brought him to the club as a free agent from the Fighters in 2018. He also may be in for a larger decrease than perhaps hoped. 

The team are seemingly spending more than they have in the past 5 years or so however with Martinez, Ono, Oshima and Viciedo all taking home considerable money which at least suggests the club are willing to spend when required on their own players. I will keep updating the information as it comes in, but feel free to look over the data I've collated below. Once it's all wrapped up, I'll draw up some totals and see where we're at financially for 2022.

You should be able to arrange the elements of the spreadsheet to show who's lost the most, who had the best ERA and so-on. Please note that there are two tabs. P (pitcher) and B (batters).

Something to keep in mind as I've added percentages, generally speaking the team can only decrease a player's salary by a maximum of 25% while it can be increased by as much as they want to give. There are however cases where this maximum downturn can actually be lower, but as a general rule, it is usually 25%. So far, Toshiya Okada and Yu Sato are the only players to receive offers lower than the usual 25% decrease.

  • Bold - Refers to farm statistics as that player has no appearances in 1-gun this year.
  • Italics - Refers to statistics of a player that has moved mid-season.
  • Currency is 100 yen per $1 for ease of understanding and calculation.

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