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Monday, November 13, 2017

2018 Contract Negotiations: Money, money, money

It's hit the time for contract updates in the off season as the current roster is assessed on this year's performances while the 2017 draftees get signed up.

This should give us a bit of an idea as to how much we have on the wage bill. The Dragons were 12th in overall wage in 2017 and with the retirement of Masahiko Morino and Daisuke Yamai's contract running out, there will no doubt be little change to the Dragons rankings in 2018. Just losing those two adds an extra $2,000,000 a year to play with. With few outstanding performers last year, there shouldn't be any massive movers upwards but I'd expect Kyoda, Fukuda, Ogasawara, Suzuki and Kasahara to all get notable increases.

Losing Akasaka and Nomura, former #1 picks, also frees up about $200k.

As this is ongoing, I will be updating this table each day as more information comes to hand. I have included the draftees that have not yet been signed to a contract on this list as well as those that have as we know they'll be getting something eventually. Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have a better picture of what the overall wage bill is and how we'll look in 2018.

For the sake of simplicity and to make it easier to understand I've gone with a straight 100 yen = $1 approach. Please also note that an asterisk denotes farm appearances as that player has not played with the first team. Also note that 未 refers to undecided.

Update: Now that the numbers have been finalised I'll be doing a more in depth analysis in a follow-up post. Dayan Viciedo and Jordan Norberto appear to still be up in the air with the latter apparently having been released.

In a short summary, big increases were given to Tajima and Matayoshi whom have proven to be the elite relievers in the team. Big decreases were given to Yamai whose $1.2M per/year deal ended in 2017 and to Keisuke Tanimoto who still probably signed for more that his worth. In terms of hitters, Kyoda and Oshima were given the biggest increases on the back of significant 2017 stats while the catchers Sugiyama and Katsura took hits to their cheque books.

Shinji Tajima27CP$1,100,000.00 $280k6325342.87
Katsuki Mataysohi27RP$880,000.00 $380k508302.13
Keisuke Tanimoto32RP$850,000.00 $150k180106.00
Yudai Ono29SP$800,000.00 $64k247804.02
Hitoki Iwase43RP$750,000.00 $250k503624.79
Kazuki Yoshimi33SP$750,000.00 $50k143705.23
Daisuke Yamai39SP$720,000.00 $480k22001.50
Onelki Garcia28RP$500,000.00 FA Signing
Toshiya Okada25RP$310,000.00 $90k90205.14
Daisuke Sobue30RP$290,000.00 $10k352212.57
Koji Fukutani26RP$280,000.00 $70k251105.74
Shunta Wakamatsu22SP$250,000.00 $50k71405.55
Shinnosuke Ogasawara20SP$210,000.00 $30k225804.84
Junki Ito26RP$170,000.00 $95k390203.88
Hiroshi Suzuki20CP$150,000.00 #1 Pro Draft Pick
Yuya Yanagi23SP$145,000.00 $5k111404.47
Ryuya Ogawa26RP$120,000.00 $10k180002.19
Ryosuke Oguma27SP$120,000.00 $20k40309.53
Shota Suzuki22SP$120,000.00 $75k155504.17
Takuya Mitsuma25RP$120,000.00 $76k352104.06
Shotaro Kasahara22SP$120,000.00 $40k181303.14
Yu Sato24RP$110,000.00 $10k132005.40
Hiroto Fuku25RP$100,000.00 $30k50007.94
Tatsuro Hamada23SP$85,000.00 $12.5k-----
Takuma Achira24SP$80,000.00 -40104.85
Taisuke Maruyama22RP$75,000.00 $3k80008.25
Sho Ishikawa18SP$70,000.00 #2 Pro Draft Pick
Tatsuya Shimizu18RP$60,000.00 #4 Pro Draft Pick
Tomohiro Hamada25RP$56,300.00 -6*0000.00
Takumi Yamamoto17SP$55,000.00 #6 Pro Draft Pick
Kento Fujishima19SP$54,000.00 -5*0106.75
Masashi Yamamoto23RP$45,000.00 ------
Yusuke Kinoshita24SP$30,000.00 -22*---6.14
Shu Yoshida21SP$30,000.00 -3*0002.45
Mikihiro Nishihama24P$30,000.00 ------
Akito Okura23P$30,000.00 #1 2017 Development Pick
Kento Mark Ishida22P$30,000.00 #2 2017 Development Pick

Yohei Oshima32OF$1,800,000.00 $300k1190.31332923
Ryosuke Hirata29OF$1,200,000.00 -660.2446294
Shota Ono30C$833,000.00FA Signing
Masahiro Araki39IF$700,000.00 $4k850.249085
Atsushi Fujii36OF$550,000.00 $150k1280.2656425
Zoilo Almonte28OF$500,000.00FA Signing
Steven Moya26OF$500,000.00FA Signing
Yota Kyoda23IF$400,000.00 $280k1410.26443623
Nobumasa Fukuda29IF$360,000.00 $135k950.27118490
Naomichi Donoue29IF$300,000.00 $30k910.205180
Kyohei Kamezawa29IF$260,000.00 $80k980.2872136
Takahito Kudo36OF$210,000.00 $20k820.235003
Masato Matsui30C$200,000.00 $65k870.2212170
Shota Sugiyama26C$200,000.00 $58k390.091000
Shuhei Takahashi23IF$165,000.00 $25k410.2332100
Yusuke Matsui30OF$160,000.00 $43k560.2774180
Shingo Takeyama33C$150,000.00 $30k500.227170
Tetsuya Tani32IF$130,000.00 $17.5k530.2172110
Takuya Kinoshita26C$120,000.00 $20k510.192040
Issei Endo28IF/OF$120,000.00 -500.2252112
Iori Katsura26C$113,000.00 $30k-----
Toshiki Abe27IF$100,000.00 -210.268021
Kei Nomoto33IF/OF$98,000.00 $32k150.200000
Masataka Iryo28OF$90,000.00 $10k220.219030
Hiroki Kondo24OF$81,000.00 $15k140.207110
Shota Tomonaga26OF$70,000.00 $5k50.250020
Ryota Ishioka25IF$70,000.00 $5k20.000000
Taiki Mitsumata25IF$70,000.00 $5k80.000000
Hayato Mizowaki23IF$65,000.00 $10k120.071110
Shun Ishikawa27IF$65,000.00 -90.353110
Wataru Takamatsu18IF$60,000.00 #3 Pro Draft Pick
Takuma Kato25C$55,000.00 -10.000000
Kosuke Ito18OF$55,000.00 #5 Pro Draft Pick
Masumi Ishigaki19IF$54,000.00 -10.000000
Masaru Watanabe24OF$30,000.00 -*670.2283163

Players Released/Retired
Rondon, Guerrero and Araujo all cut loose.

Elvis Araujo26RP--$800,000.0061006.48
Jorge Rondon29RP--$500,000.0040005.79
Raul Valdes39SP--$400,000.00236903.76
Jordan Norberto31RP--$300,000.00186402.30
Tomoya Yagi31SP--$150,000.00111404.47
Ryosuke Nomura24SP--$84,800.0060109.75
Takeshi Kaneko24RP--$60,000.00*394213.59
Junki Kishimoto21RP--$40,000.00*120003.75

Alex Guerrero31OF--$1,500,000.001300.27935861
Masahiko Morino39IF--$840,000.00220.244010
Kazuyuki Akasaka28OF--$100,000.00*500.2234120
Takeru Furumoto27OF--$46,000.00*240.146130
Ryuichiro Akada29C--$44,000.00*490.2171110
Tatsuro Iwasaki33IF--$40,000.0010.000000

Data correct as of 14th December 2017

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