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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Writer's Update: Where's them reports, boy'o?

Good morning readers and well wishers,

Just dropping in a line that I am still going to keep updating the blog (despite my current inactivity). I have about 5 series reports up my sleeve that I have yet to upload but haven't gotten around to due to time constraints and internet access issues.

The current situation is that I write my reports up during my lunch break, but I unfortunately don't have access to the internet when I do so which means I can't work on gifs at the same time. When I get home, I have a my 2-month old daughter and wife to attend to and they take precedence over the blog. My daughter hasn't been nodding off to sleep as early as we'd like recently, so I haven't been able to hop onto the computer afterwards to do the reports.

There have also been a few things that I've had to do in regards to my career which has been slowing my progress down here as well. I'm just generally particularly busy at the moment.

I do still update on twitter from time to time as I watch the first few innings of the Dragons games on the train on the way home from work as well as on the weekends. So, apologies for any confusion but twitter activity does not equal blog activity unfortunately. One take a lot less effort than the other.

I'm really sorry I haven't been able to keep you updated as much as I would like, and I went from very ambitious goals of daily reports plus features to series reports and now...just anything I can find the time to do.

I will aim to get a few reports up this week in two series chunks. If I get the time I'll put in a little bit of info on the Fresh All-Stars (Futures Game) and the NPB All-Stars game as well, particularly in relation to how the Dragons players fared.

Hope to get on top of things by the end of the month. Until then, I ask for patience and I really do apologise for not sticking to my deadlines.



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  1. Life gets busy sometimes. I know I am also counting down the weeks until our second son arrives and then all my blogging time disappears.

    Hope fatherhood is going well, and glad you've got your priorities straight!