Drop Down

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Writer's Update

Hi guys,

Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten about the blog.  I am implementing a new style of reports that I'm still tinkering with and with the birth of my first child, I've been a bit wrapped up with the family side of things.

Another reason for my, ahem, lack of productivity was due to my office cracking down a bit on non-work related browsing so I haven't been able to get things up quite as often as I'd like.

Here's my work plan for you just to let you know how when the reports will go up until I catch up to the current Baystars series.

Starting today (Japanese Time)

Wednesday: Dragons v Hanshin Tigers Report
Thursday: Babe Ruth Cup (2-Gun) Report
Friday: Dragons v Yomiuri Giants Report

That's what I'm aiming for at the moment. I may be able to get things done a bit quicker, but I don't want to stretch myself just yet. Most posts will be up in the evening (JST).

Thanks for your understanding. I'll hopefully be back on track by sometime next week.



  1. Congrats on the child!
    No worries, we appreciate what you are able to put up, don't get burned out.
    So I've got a question for you, I'm finally getting to see Kaz Yoshimi pitch for the first time this year, have you heard anything about why he pitches only from the strech now, even with the bases empty. Highly unusual for starting pitchers and different than how pitched prior to his injury. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, man. She's keeping my mind occupied at the moment!

      From the new sources I had a quick look at, Yoshimi has had to change his form a bit to increase his durability. He's been working with Shigekazu Mori to ensure they don't burden his arm too much. Does this answer why he pitches from the stretch? Maybe? Does seem odd doesn't it. I'll see if I can find anything more specific.