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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dayan "Dayum" Viciedo's Pre-Season Dongs

I'm sure that most people out in the ether who follow the NPB in the English language probably have a team in the MLB and will probably be familiar with our new lad from Cuba. Former White Sox outfielder Dayan Viciedo has been signed up for the Dragons for the next 2 years. He's currently the teams highest earner and there is much excitement about what he can do. Last season, the Dragons had the fewest home runs in the Central League and now captain Ryosuke Hirata was the leader with 13. A pretty paltry sum.

The Dragons faithful have been treated to the home run styles of Tony Blanco and Tyrone Woods in the past and many are hoping that Viciedo can produce the same kind of numbers. There are concerns that he might strike out a lot, but others are predicting 35 - 40 homers this year for the former Major Leaguer. He will be wearing the number 66 this year which was chosen for the amount of homers Viciedo reaped in the Majors.

So far, the Cuban has had some success against NPB pitching hitting a few homers in the pre-season build-up including a nice long one at the pitcher friendly Nagoya Dome.

Here's a few of his best hits.

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