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NPB Bloggers

Moeyo Dragons - My predecessor who still posts occasionally about the Dragons.

Graveyard Baseball - Two lads in the States doing their best to provide coverage of the Seibu Lions. Twitter @graveyardball

The Hanshin Tigers - A Canadian in Hyogo giving you the down low on all things Hanshin Tigers. Twitter: @thehanshintiger

We Love Marines! - The very reliable source going on 7 years in the blogging game for the Chiba Lotte Marines. Twitter @welovemarines

Marinerds - A good blog for all thing Japanese baseball, provides commentary on a variety of topics. Twitter: @marinerds

The Ouendan - A collection of bloggers working on covering the Pacific League. Twitter: @theouendan

Baseball Otaku - Japanese guy educated in US explaining similarities and differences between Japan and US ball. Twitter: @otakubaseball

Japanese Baseball Cards -  A man that knows his baseball cards. Also a Dragons fan. Twitter: @npbcardguy

Yakyu Night Owl - Impeccable work from this fella. Works with the Ouendan and generally provides a lot of good insight. Twitter: @yakyunightowl

*If there are any other bloggers that you feel I should add, or if you yourself want your site included, let me know. 


NPB Reddit

Official Sites (English)
Chunichi Dragons Official Website


Yakyu DB
Chunichi Dragons Wikipedia

Japan Baseball News

Japan Baseball
Japan Baseball Podcast with John Gibson and Jim Allen Twitter: @jbwpodcast
Japan Times Sports
Kyodo News Sports
The Japan News Sports

Dragons Player Twitter Accounts

#1    Shota Tomonaga
#6    Ryosuke Hirata
#11  Shinnosuke Ogasawara
#12  Shinji Tajima
#16  Kazuki Matayoshi
#18  Shota Suzuki
#24  Koji Fukutani
#34  Hiroto Fuku
#37  Taiki Mitsumata
#39  Takuma Kato
#43  Takuya Mitsuma
#45  Shota Sugiyama
#48  Hayato Mizowaki
#53  Kyohei Kamezawa
#59  Junki Kishimoto
#61  Shunta Wakamatsu
#99  Jordan Norberto

Development Players

#203 Tatsuro Hamada
#207 Masaru Fujiyoshi
#208 Mikihiro Nishihama


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